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ZAEL Ketone Test Strips 120 Strips + Free Low Cab One Week Meal Plan (8x11)

ZAEL Ketone Test Strips 120 Strips + Free Low Cab One Week Meal Plan (8x11)


Product Description

Are you Diabetics on a Diabetic Diet Paleo Atkins or Ketosis Diets? If so you should be cautious about your glucose or ketones levels on a daily basis.
Ketones occur when the body burns fat for energy. It also produces after you lose weight or if there's not enough insulin to assist your body in using sugar for energy. Without enough insulin glucose increases in the blood. Since your body is unable to utilize glucose for energy it burns fat instead.
But with Ketone test strips the procedures can be pain-free.
Ketone test strips will help safeguard you against the disastrous effects that could develop if left unmonitored.

Upon purchase you will receive:
v Detailed user guide and FAQs which covers common questions such as "How to read test results" What if your sticks don't "turn"?
v A Low Cab One Week Meal Plan that can be used as a daily meal plan.
v Ketosis Educational info included in PDF: Ketosis in a Nutshell Lower-carb whole food swaps.

Want to see it in action scroll to the top to order now!

They come in 120-strip pack (plus 5 free strips) for plenty and multiple testing.

Have a 24-month shelf life a black easy-to-open container that stores the strips securely from sunlight when opened they have a shelf-life of about 30 days; you are advice to write the date you opened on the label for future reference.

So if you are looking for a quick easy reliable way to test and monitor your ketone levels? Scroll to the top to order now and put our 100% satisfaction guarantee to a test.

BindingHealth and Beauty
ManufacturerZAEL USA
ProductGroupHealth and Beauty
PublisherZAEL USA
  • SUITABLE FOR LOW CARB DIETERS: Ketone testing strips check for the presence in urine of one type of ketone called acetoacetic acid.
  • 40 SECOND TEST TIME: Ketone urine testing strips (like Ketostix) are the quickest easiest way to test for ketones in urine and is Ideal for all Dieters but especially those on Ketogenic Low-Carb Atkins or Paleo Diets and for Managing your Diabetes.
  • AFFORDABLE YET PREMIUM VALUE: These inexpensive testing strips are packed loaded with 125 test strips and are the perfect solution for instantly checking ketone levels in your urine.
  • INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Each pack comes with an instructional manual to give you a first-hand guide to get the test done more accurately easily with efficient and instant results.
  • FREEBIE INCLUDED: Each pack carries a Low Cab One Week Meal Plan that can be used as a daily meal plan. Ketosis Educational info included in PDF. 100% satisfaction guaranteed with all Ketone urine testing strips or your money back.
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