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Vintage 78 RPM Records
Rs. 7,306.00

Vintage 78 RPM Records

Rs. 7,306.00

Product Description

"Vintage 78 RPM Records" is a collection of classical vintage recordings featuring doyens of Hindustani Classical vocal music, which go as far back as to the 1930s and '40s and are typically pieces of three to four minutes. Recorded exclusively with HMV (over 100 years old music company) now popularly known as Saregama. There is ample evidence that all the artistes chosen in the series had developed each in his/her own way, a brilliant technique to encapsulate in a very short space the golden peaks of vitality and exuberance of classical music. It is for the very first time that for the Connoisseurs of classical music exclusive 78RPM recordings are being made available on CDs TRACKLIST: 1) Raga: Vibhas (Mora Re) 2) Raga: Todi (Haan Re Daiya) 3) Raga: Sughrai (Main Ke) 4) Chaiti (Saiya Bhala Jogi) 5) Raga: Multani (In Durjan) 6) Raga: Mand (Aankh Daalya Gulal) 7) Bhajan (Mero Kya Bigaega) 8) Raga: Puriya Dhanashri (Atahi Prachand) 9) Raga: Tilak Kamod (Sur Sangat) 10) Hori Khamaj (Aaye Shyam Mose Khelan Holi) 11) Raga: Shankara (Aayeri More) 12) Raga: Mand (Balam More) 13) Raga: Jaijaiwanti (Piya Ham) 14) Bhairavi Thumri (Kaise Samjhaun)



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