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Booyah Chicago
uni-ball KuruToga Mechanical Pencil Starter Set (1751934)
Rs. 2,477.00

uni-ball KuruToga Mechanical Pencil Starter Set (1751934)

Rs. 2,477.00

Product Description

Say goodbye to dull and frequent lead breakage with the engineered design of uni-ball Kuru Toga! This amazing mechanical pencil features an exclusive rotating lead mechanism that resists lead breakage and maintains a continuous sharp point. Simply put- as you write, the pencil is continuously rotating and sharpening the lead. In a regular mechanical pencil, the lead starts to become dull after a few uses, producing thicker and lighter lines. But our lead stays sharp, so it produces the same thin, dark line that you start out with making your handwriting clearer and more precise. Hows that for an amazing mechanical pencil! Whats even better is that the Kuru Toga contains uni-balls exclusive Diamond Infused Lead. It resists breakage and is stronger than the leading lead. It will not only improve your writing experience, it creates dark, vivid lines every time you write. Change the way you feel about mechanical pencils and try the uni-ball Kuru Toga today!


  • The most advanced refillable mechanical pencil ever.
  • Exclusive and patented rotating mechanism maintains a continuous sharp point perfect for intricate writing tasks.
  • Reduced dull spots on the lead make handwriting clearer and more precise.
  • Diamond-infused lead resists breakage and creates dark, vivid lines.
  • Set includes mechanical pencil, two eraser refills, and a pack of lead refills.



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