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Thermomorph Moldable Plastic Pellets - 17.6 Ounce Mega Tub

Thermomorph Moldable Plastic Pellets - 17.6 Ounce Mega Tub


Product Description

Do you like unique, bespoke and personal touches in you home? Do you love creating new and inventive things, but just cant find the right material to do so? Or are you an amateur sculptor, and are looking for ways to improve your skills on your craft?

Well, with these revolutionary plastic pellets you can turn your wonderful ideas into exceptional creations! Polymorph is an advanced modelling compound that becomes mouldable when warm, and solidifies at room temperature. It's made out of lightweight polyester thermoplastic, which acts like clay when warm, but when it cools, it's a strong plastic. Unlike other products that lock in shape forever once they are dry, Polymorph can be reheated over and over again and re-moulded into any number of configurations.

There are hundreds of uses you can put Polymorph to, and they can extremely practical too! Use them around the house for small DIY tasks such as creating grips for your Alan keys, stopping small leaks, making brackets for walls or even adding handles to cutlery. They're the perfect solution for professions too, as you can create props, masks and prototypes for any creation!

How to use:

1. Heat some water to 150+ degrees F.

2. Pour Polymorph pellets into the water.

3. Wait approximately two minutes or until white Polymorph pellets turn clear and stick together.

4. Remove from the water and get rid of any remaining liquid between the pellets.

5. Form into desired shape with your hands, tools, moulds, or any other means necessary. You can also add food colouring to your plastic at this point.

6. Once you've got your Polymorph creation finalized, let it cool to room temperature and use.


  • STRONG: Once cooled down, your plastic shapes will be rock solid, making them extremely versatile to use! But don't worry, once put back into hot water, you can melt them again to create different things!
  • CREATIVE: There are hundreds of uses you can put these plastic pellets to, from small accessories for your home, to prototypes for large projects - the only limit is your imagination! You can also paint your plastic once it's dried to give it an extra special edge.
  • PRACTICAL: It doesn't just stop at your creativity; they're extremely handy around the house too! Polymorph plastic pellets can be used from anything such as stopping small leaks to making your own brackets to put up shelves on walls!
  • EASY: Anyone can use these Polymorph plastic pellets, as they are tremendously easy to use. Just add to hot water, wait until they're melted and start creating. You could get your kids involved too!
  • LARGE: We've created this 1lb mega tub! Use this for dozens of projects. You get more pellets for your money than the leading brad by far!



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