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Tattoo Starter Complete Kits Set 2pcs Tattoo Machines Guns 7 Color Ink Digital Power Supply Redscorpion

Tattoo Starter Complete Kits Set 2pcs Tattoo Machines Guns 7 Color Ink Digital Power Supply Redscorpion


Product Description

Tattoo Kit Factory Number:BTK005,Including the Following Parts

Tattoo Machine
.2pcs Coil Tattoo Machine Gun(1 Liner+1 Shader)

Tattoo Power Supply Kit
.1pc Clip Cord
.1pc Top Foot Pedal
.1pc Digital Tattoo Power Supply(Voltage Sensor for Worldwide Use)

Tattoo Ink Set
.1pc Ink Cup Holder
.90pcs Ink Cup(Large,Medium,Small,30pcs Each Size)
.1 Set 7 Bottles Full Colors Tattoo Ink(1/6oz Each Color)(Black,Blue,Purple,Yellow,Green,White,Red,Color Ink are Seperated USA Original)

Tattoo Tip
.4pcs 304 Stainless Steel Tattoo Tips(3RT,5RT,7FT,9FT)
.20pcs Disposable Tattoo Tips(3RT,5RT,7FT,9FT,5pcs Each Size)

Tattoo Grips and Needles
.4pcs Disposable Tattoo Grips(3RT,5RT,7FT,9FT)
.2pcs Colorful Aluminium Alloy Tattoo Grip(Random Color)
.20pcs Pre Made Sterile Tattoo Needles(3RL,5RS,7M1,9M1,5pcs Each Size)

Tattoo Shop Equipment
.1pc Plastic 250ml Spray Bottle
.1pc Disposable Tattoo Masks
.1pc Disposable Tattoo Apron
.1pc Blank Practice Skin
.1pc Disposable Razor
.1pc Disposable Tattoo pen
.1pc Vitamin A+Vitamin D Ointment
.1 Pair Disposable Tattoo Gloves(Middle)
.2 pcs Disposable Clip Cord Covers
.2pcs Disposable Tattoo Machine Covers
.2pcs Disposable Tattoo Sleeves

Tattoo Accessories and Tools
.1 Set Tattoo Tip Cleaning Brush(5pcs per Set)
.1 Set of Tattoo Machine Gun Asjust Tools
.50pcs Black Tattoo Machine Rubber Bands
.50pcs Black Grommets
.50pcs Rubber O-rings

.6 Months Warranty for Quality-related Issues
.For 6 Months After the Date of Purchase,We Take Care of All Quality-related Issues with a REPLACEMENT OR FULL REFUND

.Please Clean Remain on Tattoo Machine When You After Work
.Please Often Smear Rust Oil in Tattoo Machine Frame,Aovid the Frame be Rusted
ProductGroupHealth and Beauty
  • 2pcs Coil Tattoo Machine Gun for Liner and Shader,Working Stable,Smooth Lines,Being Easy to Color,Low Noise and Without Any Heat Within 8 Hours.Tattoo Kit Professional Complete for Beginner
  • Digital Tattoo Power Supply with Foot Pedal and Clip Cord
  • 1 Set 7 Bottles Full Colors Tattoo Ink
  • Tattoo Machine Kit Including 20pcs Disposable Tattoo Needles,20pcs Disposable Tattoo Tip
  • 20pcs Disposable Tattoo Grip and a Tattoo Shop Equipment and Tattoo Accessories Tool
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