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Rox Ice Ball Maker - 4 x 4.5 cm 4 Sphere Mold Ice Cube Tray. Ice Press Alternative (single pack)

Rox Ice Ball Maker - 4 x 4.5 cm 4 Sphere Mold Ice Cube Tray. Ice Press Alternative (single pack)


Product Description

"I don't always take ice in my drink, but when I do, I use ROX slow melting ice balls."

Savor Your Spirits Longer. 4.5 cm large slow-melting ice balls scientifically engineered with less surface area for slower melt time, allowing you to taste the whiskey, scotch, or your favorite drink, not the water.

Safest for Your Health. Unlike most popular large ice cube trays, we craft ours from superior food grade BPA free silicone, so you get all the beauty, without bathing your drink in toxins. And no funny plastic taste!

Fastest for Your Sanity. Perfectly engineered design allows air flow, speeds up freezing so you're next ice cube is ready in record time.

EXCLUSIVE No Spill Design Won't Tip or Leak in Your Freezer Fill-line creates smooth top 'no nipple' domes every time while sealed, balanced ice cube tray will never tip or spill for a mess free experience every time! Don't be fooled by fakes or knock-offs.

Easy Release Ice Cube Tray Design Won't Crack Your Balls. Unlike most hard plastic ice cube trays that force you to hurt your fingers or crack the ice cubes just to get them out, our exclusive design creates perfectly spherical, uncracked ice cube balls that provide a mesmerizing 'wow' factor.

Dishwasher Safe Silicone Ice Cube Tray Cleans Up Fast. Add flair to your ice cube balls by tossing in any garnish you can dream up; then simply pop into the dishwasher when you're ready to experiment with a new concoction.

So Useful! While most whiskey and scotch connoisseurs love to use these ice cubes to keep drinks cold and potent longer, we've heard people use them to keep Sangria, and iced coffee chilled hot summer days, and steamier nights.

Lifetime Guarantee! Rox Ice Ball Makers are guaranteed to last 2 years, and designed to last a lifetime.

Add yours to your cart now to get it in time for your next party or lazy afternoon sipping affair.


  • Say Goodbye to Watered Down Drinks with Slow-Melt Ice Cube Technology: Ice ball mold creates 4 perfect ice cube spheres at 4.5 cm each; the ideal size for the whiskey lover, scotch connoisseur
  • Mesmerizing Party Showstopper: Bubbles create a sparkling sphere effect, adding a touch of class. Perfect ice breaker and conversation starter. Make sure to order plenty for everyone, all night!
  • Fast-Freeze Design Creates Desirable 3D Sphere that Fits! Perfectly large to support hours of drink savoring yet small enough to freeze in a fraction of the time and fit nearly any glass you choose
  • EXCLUSIVE No Spill, No Nipple Design: Superior food grade BPA silicone ice cube tray designed with opti-smart fill-line to create smooth top 'no nipple' domes every time. Seals for no-spills!
  • Easiest to Remove. Dishwasher Safe Ice Cube Track Boasts Full 2 Year Guarantee: Unlike plastic molds, ROX Dishwasher Safe Silicone Ice Ball Maker easily release perfectly shaped ice cube spheres



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