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ResQue1st Trauma & Auto Emergency First Aid Kit with QuikClot Blood Clotting Bandage & SWAT-T Tourniquet

ResQue1st Trauma & Auto Emergency First Aid Kit with QuikClot Blood Clotting Bandage & SWAT-T Tourniquet


Product Description

SAVE LIVES with this Trauma Kit including both QuikClot and the SWAT-T Tourniquet

When someone is bleeding heavily from a wound, you need the right tools to save their life. The first thing needed is to stop the loss of blood. Everything else depends on this.

QuikClot and the SWAT-T Tourniquet help you do that. Both are battle-tested and proven to save lives.

QuikClot promotes clotting within minutes from application and is safe, effective and easy to use. Used in Healthcare, Law Enforcement and the Military, it is recommended for severe hemorrhage and trauma in any setting.

QuikClot products are credited with helping thousands of people survive traumatic blood loss every year.

The SWAT-T Stretch-Wrap-And-Tuck Tourniquet is an advanced Tourniquet that is extremely easy to use even by untrained people, and shows you visually how tight to wrap it.

Your Trauma Kit with QuikClot and SWAT-T Tourniquet contains:
1 Pair of Antiseptic Gloves - for protection of both patient and care giver.
4 Antiseptic Wipes - for wound cleaning and protection.
1 QuikClot Advanced Clotting Sponge - 3.5" x 3.5" Mesh Bag 25g
1 SWAT-T Stretch-Wrap-And-Tuck Tourniquet 1 Sterile Gauze Pad 5" x 9"
1 Roll of Gauze Bandage 3" x 4.1 Yards
1 Roll of Medical Tape - for holding dressings in place.
1 Kit Bag, with easy-open zipper and heavy-duty locking hook for secure storage where you need it.

The Trauma Kit with QuikClot & SWAT-T Tourniquet is designed to stop bleeding at the scene so more advanced care can be sought later.

With this kit you will be prepared to save lives.

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  • Manufacturer Satisfaction Guarantee - No Questions Asked.
  • Contains What You Need to Stop Bleeding Fast and Save a Life. QuikClot is the Same Revolutionary Advanced Blood Clotting Product now Used by Paramedics, Hospitals, Police and First Responders.
  • SWAT-T TOURNIQUET Easy to Use, has Simple Instructions and Ensures Correct Pressure. Can Be Used as Elastic Bandage.
  • PREMIUM SAFETY SUPPLIES Safety Gloves and Antiseptic Wipes for Protection of Both Patient and Care Giver.Gauze Pad, Gauze Roll and Tape Including for Wound Dressing. Durable Kit Bag with Latching Hook for Convenient Storage.
  • OTHER USES FIRST AID Bug Out Bag, Kitchen, First Aid Kit Survival, Comparable to the American Red Cross First Aid Kit



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