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Natural Home Stainless Steel and Bamboo Fine Cheese Grater

Natural Home Stainless Steel and Bamboo Fine Cheese Grater


Product Description

It's easier than ever to live the lifestyle you read about in Natural Home with our new line of products that blends sophistication with sustainability. Designed for homeowners with respect for both craftsmanship and the environment, our responsibly manufactured Natural Home products are the perfect complement to any home. Using eco-friendly products isn't just about feeling better about the environment. It's also about creating a healthy lifestyle for your family. All products in the Natural Home line are manufactured to the exact standards we expect and present to you issue after issue, so you can use them with confidence. Tough, durable and lightweight, bamboo is a natural in the kitchen. It's also one of nature's most sustainable resources, reaching maturity in just four years-without pesticides or chemicals. Bamboo's density makes it naturally water-resistant, which inhibits germs and bacteria.
BrandNatural Home
LabelNatural Home Products, LLC
ManufacturerNatural Home Products, LLC
PublisherNatural Home Products, LLC
StudioNatural Home Products, LLC
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Made with 93% recycled stainless steel
  • Moboo (molded bamboo) is produced with rice starch and an all-natural, plant-based binder
  • Moboo is made from fully mature bamboo raised in well-managed forests
  • All-Natural alternative to plastic that is healthy for you and your family
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