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Moms 9 ULTRA VIOLET Nuclear Colors .5 ounce Set UV Tattoo Ink LOT 1/2 oz

Moms 9 ULTRA VIOLET Nuclear Colors .5 ounce Set UV Tattoo Ink LOT 1/2 oz


Product Description

Millennium Mom's Nuclear UV Tattoo Inks Collection 1/2oz Bottles Millennium Mom's Nuclear UV Inks are exactly what you need for UV-sensitive tattoos. This collection comes with all 9 of the colors that are part of the collection. The vibrant colors go into the skin easily and are made to hold their 'pop!' to ensure both customer and artists satisfaction. Being used and approved by professional artists like Eindhoven, Netherland's Just Good Tattoo's artist "The Gentleman Gypsy" Marcus Kuhn, and Brian Murphy from 3rd Dimension Tattoo, and Millennium Mom's over a decade worth of experience, you can be assured these colors will satisfy. You can also be assured that when you purchase from Millennium Mom's, you are paying for a product that is made in America. Colors Include: Afterglow Yellow, Atomic Green, Blue Smoke, Invisible Fallout, Purple Haze, Radiant Pink, Raging Magenta, Red Dawn, Smoldering Orange. Used by professional artists like Brian Murphy and Marcus Kuhn. Made in the U.S.A. Millenium Mom's has over a decade of experience in the industry. Colors have a high concentration to optimize the colors in the skin for maximum vibrancy.
BrandMillennium Mom's
LabelMillennium Mom's
ManufacturerMillennium Mom's
PublisherMillennium Mom's
Size1/2 ounce
StudioMillennium Mom's
  • MORE FOR YOUR MONEY. Buying a tattoo ink kit is a great way to start your collection of pigments or restock your inventory as a seasoned professional. This package allows you, the artist, to save money as you receive more product for your money as opposed to higher priced individual bottles.
  • HIGH CONCENTRATE OF PIGMENT. With a formula containing a high concentration of pigment to ensure great coloration and over a decade of experience within the industry tinkering with their formula to perfect it, Millennium Mom's ink is sure to provide the right shade and colors to your work- whether it's a simple piece of flash, or a custom drawing.
  • USED BY PROFFESIONALS. Millennium Mom's colors are used by professional artists, including Brian Murphy from 3rd Dimension Tattoo, and Marcus Kuhn "The Gentleman Gypsy" from Just Good Tattoos in Eindhoven, Netherlands.
  • HIGH CONCENTRATE. The colors used by Millennium Mom's colored inks are made using a formula that includes utilizing a high concentration to ensure vibrant and lush colors, regardless of the color or shade that you're looking for.
  • AMERICAN PRODUCT. When you purchase products from Millennium Mom's tattoo inks, you can be assured that your products are coming directly from the United States, helping support local businesses while helping yourself to a host of colors to widen your color palate.
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