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MetaDerm Psoriasis Natural Soothing Spray (4 oz.)

MetaDerm Psoriasis Natural Soothing Spray (4 oz.)


Product Description

MetaDerm Psoriasis Natural Soothing Spray

- All natural herbal formulation
- Non-steroidal
- Safe, effective, and gentle

MetaDerm's micronutrients provide skin with the building blocks necessary to repair and regain skin health.
MetaDerm's bioceutical formulation is a combination of botanical extracts derived from medicinal herbs.
MetaDerm contains no fragrances, no dyes, and no parabens.

MetaDerm Natural Science
Haus Bioceuticals developed MetaDerm using rigorous clinical and scientific studies (see below).
Clinical studies demonstrated that MetaDerm's micronutrients help skin regain health when used as directed.
The level of skin health regained in patients treated with MetaDerm was higher than reported with comparable published clinical trials.
Optimal results were observed after 12-weeks.

How to Use
Apply to affected areas twice daily or as needed. Use continuously for at least 12 weeks for optimal benefit. To maintain results, use daily as part of your normal skin care routine.

What is Eczema?
Eczema symptoms include dry, cracked, itchy, and reddened skin. Commonly patients report eczema on the face and hand eczema is also frequent. There is no known eczema cure and the cause of eczema is not fully understood. Mild eczema and eczema baby treatments include eczema lotions, creams for eczema, and natural eczema remedies.

Clinical Research
American Academy of Dermatology Summer 2011 Meeting, Poster P702
American Academy of Dermatology 2013 Meeting, Poster 6923


  • Clinically proven to restore skin health
  • Doctor recommended
  • Steroid-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, no dyes
  • Relieves dry itchy skin


ManufacturerHaus Bioceuticals

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