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iZapp Micro USB to USB Keychain Data Cable, Black

iZapp Micro USB to USB Keychain Data Cable, Black


Product Description

Never run out of cell phone battery again - the phone cable you can take anywhere!! This cable fits on your keyring with a 10 year guarantee what makes iZapp better than the rest? - It is light so it won't weigh down your handbag or pocket. - It comes with a sturdy key ring so you can attach it to your keys immediately and never be without a cable again. - It is small: at a length of only 7.2cm it is the size of a key. Or better yet, fit it right in your wallet. iZapp is built to last! IZapp is designed with longevity in mind so that you do not have to worry about the lifespan of this cable. You may have experienced problems with other cables breaking quickly in the past. Well you do not have to worry with iZapp. We have tested and developed our cables until we produced the perfect materials: PVC and silicone together have proven to provide durability and strength all while being incredibly light and compact. The iZapp will not get tangled! Are you tired of long cords getting caught up or tangled? The iZapp does not have a long cord, eliminating this problem. The silicone also means it is bendable, making it incredibly versatile for use in computers, cars, with portable chargers or in wall sockets - the smallest spot is not an issue with the iZapp. Do you like to stand out from the crowd? Then check out the range of colors we offer for every taste; black, white, pink and green.
  • Micro to USB key cable iZapp is a 2.7inch (7cm) cute pliable & durable keychain cable with a built-in loop
  • Smartphone users need a cable that they can always keep with them, but in reality, nobody will keep an ugly, dangly or troublesome cable
  • Customers wanted a keychain charging cable and they wanted it to be as small as possible, so we created iZapp the 2.7inch cute flexible cable
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