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Huberd's Shoe Grease

Huberd's Shoe Grease


Product Description

Our original formula has been in use for over 80 years, no need to accept lesser quality at twice the price from our competitors. The mild formula is non-toxic and safe for use with your animals and on home furnishings that come in contact with your own skin. When used regularly, it will extend the life and performance of your shoes, sporting goods, work gloves, leather clothing and saddle and tack equipment by conditioning and waterproofing. For best results, we recommend warming the leather to room temperature prior to application. Remove any stains with our saddle soap and then apply the product with a soft brush, rag or fingers. Allow the product to sit for around 20 minutes then buff, if needed, and remove any excess. If the product will come in contact with fabrics, wait an additional 15-30 minutes for the product to absorb completely to avoid any transfer. Our shoe grease is recommended for use in heavy duty applications, it can be used with suede but buffing is needed to reinvigorate the nap after application. It may darken light colored leather slightly. Check out our other fine products: Huberd's shoe oil, Huberd's leather dressing (neat's-foot oil), Huberd's boot and saddle soap, and Huberd's saddle and tack conditioner.


  • Original pine tar and beeswax water proofer and conditioner, delivering great results since 1929
  • Will extend the life and appearance of your leather goods
  • Our non-toxic formula contains no animal fats, synthetic compounds or preservatives
  • Will not cause yellowing, stretching or deterioration of threads or leave a sticky residue
  • Made with pride from food grade ingredients at our Arizona factory, safe for use with animals


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