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Elastolaces - No Tie Elastic Shoe Laces - 2 Additional Clips - Marathon Sport Schedule (Cotton Candy Pink)

Elastolaces - No Tie Elastic Shoe Laces - 2 Additional Clips - Marathon Sport Schedule (Cotton Candy Pink)


Product Description

Don't let your shoe laces slow you down!

Handy easy tie elastic laces designed for your comfort

- So simple to use
- Great for active sportspeople triathletes runners children elderly or those on the go and all sports enthusiasts.
- Time saving-stretch and go easy to slip your shoes on and get moving.
- Preferred by triathletes and multi sportsmen and women to get through that transition process faster bonus marathon schedule included in the package.
- Easy to follow tying instructions included.
- Elastic bungy laces with locks to secure your feet inside the shoe.
- Mobility and agility issues will be eased by the easy to pull and easy to close features. Ideal for seniors who prefer to keep active.
- If you encounter difficulties with daily tasks due to arthritis or limits to the nimbleness in joints ELASTOLACES will easy your way.

- Kids and parents love them no more shuffling around with untied laces

What do ELASTOLACES offer to you?

-Laces are comfortable easy to use and easy to tie.
- So fast to lace into your favorite pair of shoes you'll be on the go in no time!
- ELASTOLACES tighten evenly across your foot for a great fit and your feet will feel fabulous due to the handy locks and clips.
- A range of colors that will match your favorite pair of leisure shoes.
- Fits all leisure and sport shoes laces are 42".

All backed by a lifetime guarantee

Order now and you will receive two bonus spare clips to keep for future use

ColorCotton Candy Pink
Departmentsports & outdoors
  • Elastic Shoe Laces for Kids & Adults easy use stretchable to 71
  • High Quality with durable locks and 2 extra spare clips for you to use if you need them.
  • Triathlon fastening system for athletes and recommended for those who enjoy outdoor events running marathons walking tennis golf going for a hike and all sport enthusiasts.
  • Best lifetime guarantee multi colors great for performance during leisure activities
  • Suitable for all age groups and abilities - kids seniors and individuals with special needs. runners triathletes leisure walkers marathons all courts sports golf will all benefit from the flexibility offered by ELASTOLACES.
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