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Digital Microscope USB Endoscope Magnifier Dental Oral ENT Camera 2MP by Bestlife

Digital Microscope USB Endoscope Magnifier Dental Oral ENT Camera 2MP by Bestlife


Product Description

System Requirments For best picture quality, the following specifications are recommended:
1. IBM PC compatible computer
2. Intel Pentium III processor or above
3. 128M RAM or above
4. At least one USB port (USB 2.0 port).
5. Windonws XP, Vista, Windows 7 8 , 32bit or 64bit, Mac OS X 10.5 or above. If you need use it on Mac OS, please tell us, we will sent software to you.

1. DSP: High Quality Digital Image Monarch Processor
2. Sensor: High-quality CMOS sensor
3. Resolution: 2MP, Max 1600 x 1200
4. Picture format: bmp
5. Interface: USB2.0
6. Dimension: 12mm in diameter
7. Focal distance: Min 5mm in front of the opening of specula
8. Multiplying power: 1 - 500 times
9. Support: Metal lifting support
10. USB cable Length: about 165cm
11. Lighting: 8 x LED around the camera lens
  • 1. The Andonstar digital USB microscope is an electronic health care product for the home and clinic.
  • 2. It is a tubular imaging system consisting of an optical lens, an image sensor, an illumination mechanism, and an image transfer control circuit connected to a computer.
  • 3. You can display the images captured by the USB Otoscope on the computer screen, store them on the computer, print them, or send them over the Internet.
  • 4. As an otoscope, it can be used to observe the eardrum.
  • 5. As a telemedicine tool for frequent observation and knowing what your body looks like in its normal, healthy state make you more alert to any abnormalities and will lead to early detection and treatment of illnesses.
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