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D-FantiX YJ GuanLong Speed Cube 3x3 Smooth Magic Cube Puzzles 56 mm Black

D-FantiX YJ GuanLong Speed Cube 3x3 Smooth Magic Cube Puzzles 56 mm Black


Product Description

D-FantiX Yj Guanlong 3x3 cube- It's also known as one high cost performance cube on the market
Corner cutting is pretty decent for this cube. Out of box, it is fast and offers smooth turning.
Tension adjustable .Difficult to pop, good control of the cube. It seldom pops or locks up.

If you are cube fan and like collecting puzzles cube, then don't miss it. Enjoy your good time with your family and friends.

About Tensioning
Tensioning is where you change the force of the springs so that the cube is looser or tighter.
This is a very personal thing and you will need to play with the tensions on your cube until you get the one you feel most comfortable with.
When you first get your 3x3 Speed Cube it will be set up to our preference, which may not be yours.
Luckily it is extremely easy to tension the puzzle cube Underneath each of the middle tiles is a screw head.
To tighten the tension on your cube screw it clockwise and to loosen turn it anticlockwise.

Color: Black
Level: 3x3x3
Weight: About 100g
Packing: Original Box

What's In The Box?
1x D-FantiX YJ Guanlong Speed Cube 3x3 Black
1x D-FantIX Stand


  • D-FantiX Yj Guanlong Speed Cube 3x3,high performance designs with good value. Look no further than this affordable 3x3 speed cube
  • High quality and Superb rotation, good fault-tolerant performance. Great corner cutting , Tension adjustable. Difficult to pop, good control of the cube
  • Crafted with eco-friendly ABS material, harmless to human and environment. Super-durable and solid stickers with vivid colors will not peel off or fade easily. It comes pre-lubricated and tensioned. Lightweight and comfortable in the hand
  • This 3x3 cube can foster your kid's sense of space and enhance a child's memory. Solve it when each side matches .Suitable for beginner and professional player. Enjoy hours of fun with you family and friends
  • Ultimate Gift for Kids- No one falls out of love with the 3x3 cube. Perfect Christmas Gift / Brithday Gift for kids. It is awesome for both old and young, regardless of skill level. This classic puzzle game will never go out of style . You can take them anywhere. Want to add this awesome cube to your cube collections? Add to your cart now!



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