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Body Scrub - Dead Sea Salt Detox - Lemongrass Shire - Hydrating Oils

Body Scrub - Dead Sea Salt Detox - Lemongrass Shire - Hydrating Oils


Product Description

It's detox time! Grab your lemongrass body polish and scrub off what you don't like to reveal the skin that you'll love! This organic body scrub is based on exfoliating Dead Sea salt and skin clarifying, slightly astringent lemongrass and peppermint organic essential oils. Organic spa quality, fragrant, invigorating and refreshing organic body scrub - excellent skin polish for all skin types! We use genuine, premium Dead Sea salt, so you can enjoy a truly detoxifying and moisturizing organic body scrub. This organic body polish is 100% vegan, natural, eco-friendly and chemical free scrub. We do not use any skin drying detergents in this organic body scrub formula to make sure it leaves your skin healthy, nourished and supple, not itchy and dehydrated. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate - this is how we help our skin to refresh and renew. Genuine natural Dead Sea salt crystals help remove dead skin cells, dirt and impurities, allowing your new and younger skin to show through. These natural salt crystals not only cleanse, they also massage your skin to improve blood circulation in upper epidermis and promote cell renewal. Organic soybean oil is a light, non-comedogenic oil whose chemical composition resembles our skin's sebum, therefore this oil is great for oilier and problem skin types and also beneficial for all other skin types. This is a very effective organic body scrub that provides thorough exfoliation and gives your skin wonderful lemony aroma, so it feels renewed, unbelievably soft and delightfully scented. Some people may feel that they will not need to moisturize after using this scrub - that's how rich and hydrating it is. Folks with very dry or dehydrated skin types should also try our shea butter based scrubs for additional nourishment, moisture and protection.


  • No chemicals, detergents, dyes, synthetics and preservatives
  • Rich in moisturizing oils which effectively nourish and hydrate thirsty skin
  • Genuine natural Dead Sea salt - detoxifying, polishing, massaging
  • Premium Organic essential oils - invigorating, fresh, energizing, citrusy Lemongrass aroma with Peppermint undertones
  • Improves circulation and boosts cell re-growth. 5.5 oz / 155 g


ManufacturerThesis Beauty

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