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Blackbeard for Men Formula X - 1-pack (Black)

Blackbeard for Men Formula X - 1-pack (Black)


Product Description

Wipe Out the Gray Today.

Ahoy, mateys! Patented Blackbeard for Men Formula X is instant, brush-on color specially designed for facial hair. It is NOT a dye! Vanquish the gray in yer mustache, beard, sideburns and even eyebrows in seconds. Just brush it on and ye be good to go.

Applies in seconds
Dries quickly, feels natural
Water resistant, and lasts all day (appx 8-12 hrs or more)
No harsh chemical odor
No hassle
Gentle and non-irritating

Men, many of us have tried dyes and found them to be a pain in the neck. The application is difficult, time-consuming, requires plastic gloves, and ye have to breathe acrid chemical odor for five long minutes. Then after all that, ye have to take a shower and clean up the mess. Worse, many fine beardsmen develop skin irritations from using dyes over a period of time. Now that be no way to sail a frigate, lads.

And Blackbeard for Men has other advantages over dyes. Ye can leave as much gray as ye want, for a natural look, or wipe it out completely like the scourge it be. Blackbeard for Men also fills gaps, making it ideal for hearty pirates with thinner beards or stubble. And ye can use it to touch up yer roots between dyeing, if ye still fancy yer dye. Available in Brown/Auburn, Dark Brown, Brownblack and Black

This listing be fer a 1-pack of Blackbeard for Men Formula X (.40 ounces), approximately a 4-week supply with average use and an average beard (neatly trimmed.) Also available in 3-pack, 6-pack, or Max Pack (13.)

Say goodbye to dyes. Wipe away the gray today.
Blackbeard for Men -- Get Your Beard On.



  • Patented, Instant Brush-On Color
  • Not a Dye - Gentle, Hypoallergenic and Non-Toxic
  • Applies in Seconds
  • No Hassle, No Harsh Chemicals
  • Cover completely, or leave some grey for a natural look


BrandBlackbeard for Men
ManufacturerFashion Sources Int'l, LTD

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