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3 Pack Yomega Urban Graffiti Yo-Yo Gift Set with 150 Trick Instructional DVD

3 Pack Yomega Urban Graffiti Yo-Yo Gift Set with 150 Trick Instructional DVD


Product Description

Are you up to the challenge?

Pull off epic tricks and impress your friends with this radical graffiti-inspired player three-pack! Shoot the moon with the out-of-this-world Nebula, heat things up with the red-hot Fireball, or strap on the Crossfire and get victory in your sights.

Need to step up your game? No problem! Our Yomega Mania DVD (included) will make you a pro in no time. Bold neon-colored strings (included) are sure to build your street cred. You'd better hurry, because this limited-edition gift pack won't stay on shelves for long!

Master this graffiti gift pack and become a street yo-yo legend!


  • This set of exclusive designs is a limited edition of just 3,000
  • Three classic Yo-Yos from Yomega, reimagined with exclusive and collectible street art-inspired designs
  • Accommodates 3 levels of player: for beginners, the Nebula, a traditional transaxle with a starburst return system; for experts, the Fireball, a traditional transaxle; and for pros, the Crossfire, wing-shaped with a metal bearing
  • Contains 4 neon strings: purple, orange, blue and green
  • Great for new players and experts alike! Included Mania DVD teaches the basics of stringing, winding, maintenance and throws, all the way to off-string and two-hand tricks



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