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3 in 1 Shoe Survival Set By Heels Above: Gel Insoles Heel & Blister Protectors & Anti Slip Shoe Grips

3 in 1 Shoe Survival Set By Heels Above: Gel Insoles Heel & Blister Protectors & Anti Slip Shoe Grips


Product Description

The Most Complete Survival Set For Shoe Caused Injuries Is Finally Available On Amazon By Heels Above!

Do you want to feel comfortable and confident wearing your shoes all day long?

With this amazing package you definitely can!

How This Survival Kit By Heels Above Will Offer You Complete Protection:

You will get 2 pairs of the most effective heel and blister protectors that ensure maximum protection from blisters and prevent any kind of pain!
2 easy to place anti-slip shoe grips are included and are ready to provide stability even on the most slippery surfaces!
In this awesome set are also included 2 pairs of the best gel inserts on the market designed to cushion your insoles and reward you with maximal comfort!

Treat Yourself As A Queen Using The Ultimate Shoe Injury Protection Kit That Only Heels Above Can Provide!

Grab Yours Before We Run Out Of Stock Click Add To Cart Now!

BrandHeels Above
  • 2 PAIRS OF GEL INSOLES-These super cute pink heart shaped ball of foot cushions will provide maximal slip protection making also sure that your feet are getting the comfort they deserve.
  • 2 PAIRS OF ANTI-SLIP SHOE GRIPS-Feel safer than ever and be brave enough to walk on the most slippery surface. These adorable red hearts blend seamlessly with the Louboutin Red Soles. Just place the stylish slip preventing pads under your clean soles. Never fall or skid again! These even fit on children's shoes and boots!
  • 2 PAIRS OF HEEL & BLISTER PROTECTION-Get rid of painful blisters caused by your shoes. Use the most effective protection money can buy and enjoy exhilarating convenience.
  • LOOKING FOR A GIFT?- Our package makes a great day of wedding gift for the bride or gift to your bridesmaids. Hearts are perfect for special occasions like Valentines Day too!
  • BEST VALUE-This is a jaw-dropping cost-effective deal. Make yours a set of three different shoe protection equipment instead of one at a significantly low price!
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