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10 foot Black BJC Mini 3G/6G HD SDI cable, BNC to BNC

10 foot Black BJC Mini 3G/6G HD SDI cable, BNC to BNC


Product Description

Poducts Description

  • Miniature coaxial cable specifically manufactured for the exacting high-bandwidth requirements of 3G SDI and HD SDI
  • Cable stock 100% sweep-tested to 4.5 GHz to ensure full 3G/6G SDI performance
  • Dense two-layered foil and 95% tinned copper braid shield provide high shield performance
  • Rated CMR for installation in walls and risers
  • Solid bare 23 AWG ETP (Electrolytic Tough Pitch) copper center conductor


BNC to BNC Mini 3G/6G HD SDI Cable, 10 foot, Black, Blue Jeans Cable brand

This HD-SDI cable is built with precision video coax which has been sweep-tested to 4.5 GHz and high-quality 75 ohm crimp-type BNCs. It has a 23 AWG solid copper center conductor and a combination shield consisting of a 100% coverage, two-sided foil layer overlaid by a 95% coverage tinned copper braid for maximum shield effectiveness at all frequencies. Between is a foamed HDPE dielectric, which provides for the lowest possible capacitance, and best possible impedance consistency, in any precision video cable.

The cable stock is made in the USA to exacting standards; every spool is sweep-tested to 4.5 GHz to ensure that dimensional control and impedance stability are within tight tolerances, and that return loss is kept to a minimum. The BNCs, likewise, are true broadcast-quality products designed to minimize return loss through the plug body and plug/jack interface. The cable is rated CMR, making it lawful for installation in walls, cable trays, and risers--anywhere but in a plenum.

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